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Newcastle 2-3 Tottenham: Premier League – as it happened

Newcastle 2-3 Tottenham: Premier League – as it happened

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2.08pm EDT 14:08

Louise Taylor’s suit file has dropped, so I’ll go away you with that. Thanks on your enterprise and emails - goodnight.

Spurs dominate unsettled Newcastle as Kane and Son push aside early scare

2.04pm EDT 14:04

Post-suit interviews

Harry Kane

“First and foremost, we need to ship our first-class desires to the man withinside the stands. It wasn’t suitable to peer however we pay attention he is probably solid now so we’re grateful to the emergency groups and the enthusiasts who did the CPR. We knew that they'd the defibs at the bench so Eric [Dier] ran over to alert them. We desire he’s k and we want him all of the first-class.

“The recreation itself, it didn’t begin super however I idea we had been composed, stored the ball nicely and created a few suitable chances. The simplest sadness is that we didn’t near the sport out withinside the 2nd 1/2 of – we need to have were given the fourth and the fifth. I recognise there’s been plenty of noise

Sergio Reguilon

“I noticed one man mendacity down, and I ought to see [somebody was giving him CPR]. I become very fearful so I went to the referee and said, ‘We can not play like this, please prevent the sport’. I suppose he’s k now, proper? The man’s k? That’s extra critical than anything.”

1.48pm EDT 13:forty eight

Full time: Newcastle 2-three Tottenham
Peep peep! Newcastle’s new generation begins offevolved with defeat in a atypical, eventful suit. Spurs need to have received through extra, having recovered impressively from Callum Wilson’s early intention. The replacement Jonjo Shelvey become despatched off, and the suit become suspended withinside the first 1/2 of while a Newcastle supporter become taken sick withinside the East Stand. Happily, the fan become stabilised earlier than being taken to health facility.

Newcastle v Spurs: fan stabilised and brought to health facility after scientific emergency

Updated at 1.50pm EDT

1.46pm EDT 13:46

90+four min Now Ritchie is fortunate now no longer to be booked for a completely past due address on Romero.

1.45pm EDT 13:45

90+three min Tottenham are passing the clock down quite comfortably.

Updated at 1.45pm EDT

1.42pm EDT 13:42

GOAL! Newcastle 2-three Spurs (Dier very own intention 89)
A atypical very own intention offers Newcastle a soupcon of desire. Murphy’s free-kick from the proper dipped awkwardly in the front of Dier, who noticed it past due on the a long way post. He ducked toward the ball, neglected an tried header and kneed the ball emphatically into the a long way nook.

Eric Dier ratings an very own intention. Photograph: Lee Smith/Action Images/Reuters
Updated at 1.47pm EDT

1.38pm EDT 13:38

87 min Newcastle enthusiasts will giggle approximately this one day, possibly the identical day they win their first league identify when you consider that 1927.

1.36pm EDT 13:36

Oh, Newcastle. Son leads a Spurs destroy and unearths Reguilon, who scurries farfar from the remaining guy Shelvey. He makes a decision to take one for the team, intentionally tripping Reguilon 20 yards from intention. It become a clean yellow card, Shelvey’s 2nd when you consider that approaching as replacement, and he’s off.

Shelvey fouls Reguilon and receives a 2nd yellow card. Photograph: Richard Lee/REX/Shutterstock
Updated at 1.44pm EDT

1.34pm EDT 13:34

eighty two min Now Newcastle attraction for a penalty while Fraser’s shot deflects in the back of off Dier. He had his palms in the back of his returned, so there’s not anything to peer here.

1.33pm EDT 13:33

NO PENALTY! I’m barely amazed through that, however I doubt it’s going to have an effect on the result.

1.32pm EDT 13:32

VAR check! Hojbjerg’s go did hit Ritchie’s outstretched arm, and withinside the current recreation that’s possibly a penalty.

1.31pm EDT 13:31

seventy nine min Hojbjerg appeals for a penalty while his go hits a Newcastle defender. Andre Marriner isn’t interested.

1.29pm EDT 13:29

seventy seven min A double alternate for Newcastle: Ryan Fraser and Jacob Murphy update Callum Wilson and Joe Willock.

1.27pm EDT 13:27

seventy five min The maximum sudden issue approximately Newcastle’s overall performance has been the shortage of power and aggression. It’s as though they shot their bolt withinside the first 10 minutes, however that can’t be the case.

1.26pm EDT 13:26

seventy four min Saint-Maximin, 25 yards from intention, belts one into orbit.

1.23pm EDT 13:23

seventy one min In the remaining 10 minutes, Spurs have had 86 consistent with cent of the possession. Callum Wilson’s starting intention feels a helluva long term ago.

1.21pm EDT 13:21

70 min The stretching Lascelles makes a essential interception to prevent Ndombele going for walks thru on intention from Kane’s go back byskip.

Updated at 1.21pm EDT

1.19pm EDT 13:19

sixty seven min The person brilliance of Saint-Maximin aside, Newcastle have supplied little or no in assault because the intention.

1.17pm EDT 13:17

sixty four min Emerson Royal is booked for attempting to tug returned Saint-Maximin, who beat him with a scintillating turn. Saint-Maximin become robust sufficient to withstand the tried foul from Emerson, however Andre Marriner produced the yellow card while the ball went dead.

1.15pm EDT 13:15

sixty three min A nook to Spurs at the proper. Son curls it out and Clark heads clean.

1.14pm EDT 13:14

sixty two min Newcastle have switched to a four-2-three-1, with Willock at the proper and Saint-Maximin in the back of Wilson.

Updated at 1.14pm EDT

1.13pm EDT 13:13

sixty one min Harry Kane has had a brilliant recreation today - now no longer simply the intention, which he completed expertly, however his preferred play in huge regions in particular. He made Son’s intention and has pulled Clark and Lascelles everywhere in the place. We’ll respect him while he’s gone.

Updated at 1.13pm EDT

1.12pm EDT 13:12

60 min A alternate for Newcastle: Jonjo Shelvey replaces Sean Longstaff.

1.11pm EDT 13:11

60 min Ndombele flashes a shot simply over the bar from the left facet of the location.

1.11pm EDT 13:11

fifty eight min Newcastle are suffering to maintain it at three-1, in no way thoughts get returned in the sport. Spurs were amazing when you consider that 1/2 of time.

1.07pm EDT 13:07

fifty four min Clark is booked for a desperate, pissed off hack at Kane. That wasn’t a long way from a red-card offence. Kane has taken Clark to highschool today.

Clark fouls Kane. Photograph: Getty Images
Updated at 1.36pm EDT

1.05pm EDT 13:05

fifty three min After suitable play from Saint-Maximin and Willock, Joelinton’s go is just too near Lloris.

1.04pm EDT 13:04

fifty two min Another electric powered surge from Lucas Moura opens Newcastle up. He pokes a byskip thru to Son, who's fractionally offside.

Joelinton attempts to maintain up with Moura. Photograph: Stu Forster/Getty Images
Updated at 1.13pm EDT

1.03pm EDT 13:03

50 min It’s all Spurs on the begin of the second one 1/2 of. I wouldn’t name this a truth check, due to the fact anyone is aware of the truth of Newcastle in 2021: they’re crap.

Updated at 1.04pm EDT

1.02pm EDT 13:02

forty nine min A Spurs nook results in a 1/2 of risk for Ndombele, who chops beyond Longstaff withinside the location however then runs into traffic.

1.01pm EDT 13:01

forty eight min Reguilon slips Manquillo well on the brink of the location. The attitude is just too tight for a shot so he attempts a backheel to Son this is cleared through a Newcastle defender.

12.43pm EDT 12:43

Half time: Newcastle 1-three Spurs
That’s the quit of a atypical 1/2 of of football. Callum Wilson gave Newcastle the right begin with a brilliant header withinside the 2nd minute, however Spurs slowly took manage of the sport and led 2-1 after desires from Tanguy Ndombele and Harry Kane.

Then the suit become suspended after a scientific emergency withinside the crowd; happily, the Newcastle fan become stabilised and brought to health facility. When play in the end resumed, Son prolonged Spurs’ lead after a terrific flow concerning Ndombele, Moura and Kane.

12.41pm EDT 12:41

45+7 min Newcastle play on at the same time as Emerson Royal is down, and there’s a piece of effing and shoving while the ball in the end is going out of play.

12.39pm EDT 12:39

45+five min Saint-Maximin nearly pulls one returned, thrashing a shot simply huge from the brink of the location after any other extraordinary run.

12.38pm EDT 12:38

It’s any other amazing intention from Spurs. Lucas Moura slipped Hayden 30 yards out and poked the ball impatiently thru to Kane at the proper facet of the location. He screwed it throughout the six-backyard container to present Son an open intention, and he widely wide-spread the gift.

Updated at 12.40pm EDT

12.36pm EDT 12:36

GOAL! Newcastle 1-three Spurs (Son 45+three)
Son makes it 3 for Spurs!

Son ratings Tottenham’s 1/3 intention. Photograph: Getty Images
Updated at 12.45pm EDT

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